Multiple 4k Monitors with Mac Mini

Hi gang! I am working on a new home office setup and I’m looking for some advice on choosing Mac Mini specs to drive three (3) 24" 4k monitors. I know that according to Apple this is supported (1 on HDMI, 2 on Thunderbolt 3), however I want to know:

  1. Does anyone have experience with a similar setup and can tell if the experience is smooth?
  2. Is there a recommended minimum spec (CPU/RAM) I should get on the Mac Mini to accomodate this?
  3. Should I consider eGPU?


Sorry of this is answered somehwhere here already - some articles come close but I couldn’t find advice on my specific scenario.

Do check the max resolution on the Mac Mini HDMI as it might be different from 4K (same width, but different height)

You will probably be successful with a thunderbolt 3 dock like Caldigit T3 Plus, using its second T3 port for a monitor and its DisplayPort for the second monitor. Make sure you use the other T3 bus on the Mini to connect 3rd monitor

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It’s not exactly your scenario, but I ran a 2019 MacBook Air with 2 4K displays (scaled to 1440p) and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Getting an eGPU made a big difference in UI smoothness and responsiveness.

Do 4K monitors with the Mini cause any fan to get noisy?

I’m considering a Mini instead of / as well as another laptop.

I’m running a 2020 Mac mini (with an i7 processor and 16 GM RAM but no additional EGPU connected) via thunderbolt to two daisy chained 24’’ LG Ultrafine monitors and I’ve not noticed any problems with the displays.

The Mac mini’s fans do get noisy on occasion, but using activity monitor and iStat this seems to be a problem with Spotlight and nothing to do with the monitors.(Oh for an easy way to turn off Spotlight).

I’d also love more control over display options for the two monitors so if anyone knows of any apps for that I’d love to know about them.