Multiple accounts of the same service in different Safari tabs? (Containers?)

My company recently migrated from Azure DevOps to GitHub for version control of our source code. I already had a personal GitHub account and decided to create a new work account, so I now have two GitHub accounts. I would like to use both (at the same time, in different tabs) in Safari.

Can I do this? How?

Does Safari have something like Firefox’s “Multi-Account Containers”?

My current workaround is to use two different browsers (Safari and Firefox), but this is annoying since I use passkeys for both accounts and Firefox does not support passkeys (yet?).

No, it does not. The only webkit based browser that does this is Orion, AFAIK, but the feature is still in its infancy --i.e. it doesn’t sync bookmarks or history for anything other than the default profile. I’d say Firefox or Arc have the most seamless experience here.

Arc is great for this - I use it for the same purpose as you want to - multiple GitHub, Jira, confluence accounts etc.

Does Firefox, Orion, or Arc support passkeys?

You can use a single site browser can’t remember the names of the top of my head but there is a chromium based one and a WebKit one

I believe you can do this with private browsing windows, but of course that has other drawbacks

You can use a single site browser

I tried Unite, but -as I expected- that does not support passkeys either… :cry:

I’m 100% sure Orion does not support passkeys/WebAuthN.

Not sure if this would be better?

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