Multiple Apple Watches and Activity Rings

I want to start using an iPhone SE for weekdays and work and the iPhone 11Pro for weekends and photography. I have both phones set up with the same Apple ID. Switching the SIM card twice a week. No problem.
My only problem is my addiction to the health data and specifically closing my rings.
I have looked on the internet for a solution. I have had two watches paired to one phone. Works great, no problem. I know the health data portion probably syncs through iCloud. It is the activity rings I suspect will not.
I have been thinking of pairing one watch to each phone.
Will this sync all the activity to iCloud? Will it be reliable?
The new iPhone SE is a great device and just what I want for work. I still love the camera in the iPhone 11pro.
The best of both worlds? Is it possible?
I like playing with this stuff but I am a little stumped here.

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