Multiple Calendars in Fantastical

I use Fantastical on iPhone, iPad, Macbook. I have personal calendar in Google and work in Outlook/Exchange. I created sub-calendars “Calls” “demos” “networking” for work. Recently I went to add an appointment to "networking and it was no longer an option. Today I left a guy hanging at the coffee shop waiting for me because our appt. was on “networking” which evaporated. Anyone else have an issue like this? Any way to recover what might be in all those subcalendars? How do I keep from this happening again? Is there a better way to categorize events?

Fantastical handles multiple calendars fine for me, but maybe because I don’t use sub-calendars?

What are sub-calendars?

Edit: seems to be a folder within a calendar in Outlook?

(I use Fastmail as my back-end; they use default CalDAV - hence my ignorance)

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