Multiple iCloud account on ios13

Been looking for more information about this topic but can’t find, don’t see any reviewer or YouTuber talking about it. Have someone seen something? I use an iPhone XS and have multiple lines for work (payed by my boss) and my personal. Multiple iCloud (hopefully iMessage) it would be something great to have.

I just tried to add an iCloud account in settings and it allows it (assuming this was always the case) but then says only your main account can use iCloud features, will only allow mail etc.

No idea if that’s the way you would do it just tried it.

I’m on an iPhone X incase that has any bearing on it, so no second SIM.

I think they said it was enterprise (whatever that means) customers only.

Indeed, am looking through documentation, but have not seen references yet.

thank you all. Will need to wait until the former release on fall or maybe near it to see how that would work. Thank you again.