Multiple JPG to one PDF

hi there, hope you are all are as best as posible. Currently as my daughter is on home school, I am receiving via WhatsApp or other medium a lot of jpg for assignments, there is a lot of things I need to print, and the re-scan … well a mess.

First: My wife receives the images via whataspp and send it to me via Airdrop. She send them on batches and wait until I do my process to separate my class.

Second: Once I get them on Download folder as jpg I select them all and “save as pdf” to create one pdf for that particular of selection.

I want to once they are received on Download, to create the PDF with any name automatically. I tried to do a Hazel that runs automator but Hazel is repeating the same automator script per each IMG it sees. So I finish with same amount of PDF than IMG.

Any ideas? Hope I am making sense…

Best Regards,

I think the key question here is “How is the computer supposed to know you are done adding JPGs for a particular PDF?”

How does Hazel recognize the particular files in the Downloads folder that you want to act on?

hmm… that is a good question, not sure… can’t think of something beside I receive multiple in seconds via airdrop.

Update: I found a way that is not completely automated, but with automators, I can select images and use a workflow as a service that will do that. Need to add a delete after PDF is created.

Take a look at Alchemy.

Although OP is looking for ways to automate, it appears that Alchemy is at least as good as using a service (or “quick action” as they are now called). Nice find @slyfox, I think I’ll try this one myself.

It’s not automated exactly, but this just popped up as a new feature in PDF Expert.