Multiple monitors and USB-C on MacBook Pros

Does anyone know of a working USB-C to HDMI multiple monitor docking device? It looks like there actually aren’t any USB-C monitor adapters that will work with the new MacBook Pros. There’s apparently some sort of driver incompatibility that makes them not work with 10.13.4 and higher. Still looking for one though but for now it looks like you’d need to just use separate USB-C to HDMI cables. Not a deal breaker for my users who have four-port models, although still a hassle, but definitely an issue for those with one- or two-port models.

I do not know of any docs. I use one dongle to a 24” Acer and a DisplayPort direct to a 24” Dell 4K. It takes 2 ports, but the adapter supports the power supply and I run HTMI out.

Satechi Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter with Type-C Charging Port, 4K HDMI (30Hz) Video Output, and 2 USB 3.0 Ports for MacBook 12 and New MacBook Pro 2016 (Space Gray)

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I have 2 monitors on my MBP 2016 One connected via a multi adaptor dongle which has HDMI, USB 3, Ethernet etc and also has a pass through USB C to charge my MBP, I then use another usb-c to hdmi in one of the other ports, it’s rare I need to use either of the remaining usb-c ports as most of my other devices would plug into USB 3 ports on the dongle

I have the following and it has worked great so far.

I love everything about this - except the price!

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I use a dock with an adapter. It’s an of brand but I can’t remember where I got it…

If you want it to work reliably and work with 60hz at 4k - then it needs to be a thunderbolt 3 -> multi screen. USBC AFAIK can only natively do one displayport/hdmi stream - if it carries native DP/HDMI it cant so USB data at the same time. Those USBC docks/adaptors you see will either do 1 DP/HDMI or they do non native HDMI/DP where its limited to 30hz often.

Thunderbolt 3 docks are expensive, but they can do multi-screen reliably at the same time as data. I use either the OWC or the Belkin - both work well, but they’re not cheap.

I have installed over 6 different adapters for four 2016/2017 13" MacBook Pros in my company, and the ONLY solution that has worked, with either HDMI or DisplayPort (on 1080p displays as well as two 4K displays, are these by Plugable:

Thunderbolt 3 to Dual-HDMI - Amazon
Thunderbolt 3 to Dual-DisplayPort - Amazon

These two work with absolutely no hiccups, even with two Korean 4K monitors (Yamakasi M280PU), which had issues with lots of other adapters, including not waking up from sleep, blue screen blinking (deep sleep), and flickering. They’re expensive at around $70-80, but for the headaches you can avoid, I would HIGHLY suggest using these from the get-go.