Multiple task managers?

I have a few different hats I wear. One of my side gigs has me creating small sites for clients, which I typically do only one day a week. I’ve been a heavy Omnifocus user for 8+ years, but recently decided to add an additional task manager to the stack called Height.

It’s meant for teams, is macOS only, and is Electron (let the arrows fly), but I’ve enjoyed it for the following reasons:

  • I need only the free tier, so it costs me nothing
  • I can create/update/delete tasks using their API
  • I can check off tasks with GitHub commits (helpful for projects that are entirely based on what code I push to GitHub)
  • The keyboard navigation is :pinched_fingers:

So everything in my life is Omnifocus but for website clients. Because I work on web clients once a week (on a normal week), it hasn’t been a problem to keep all those tasks siloed in Height until I sit down to work. It’s even nice that they live in their own little space!

Is this something others do? How insane am I? Anyone else using Height?


Not more than everybody else who tries to stay on top of his/her life… :grinning:

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