Music automatically starts when my phone connects to my Subaru Forrester via iPod link and Bluetooth

Hi Everyone,

So when I connect my phone to my Subaru through the iPod link it automatically plays the same song each time. It does this after calls and sometimes even after each time a GPS app gives me voice instructions. It’s really annoying and I absolutely hate that song now. It’s always from the songs I won (not Apple Music). I’ve disabled car play and can’t seem helpful solutions from googling and checking out the apple forums. It would be great if it played the last audio source I had going rather than Apple Music.

any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I’m replaying because I think mine does this too. That said once I switch to a podcast or something then it’s fine.

I bought this:

It’s 10 minutes of silence and is the first track in my library.


Sorry I am of no help, but this is something I have been wondering about. My Honda Civic with CarPlay would start playing music when plugged in about 50% of the time. I bought a VW with CarPlay and it has never started playing music when plugged in. So I think it’s something to do with the car manufacturers software and not Apple.

Brilliant!!! Thank you!!

Yep, it’s either the silent track or delete Apple Music.

I have autoplay for Bluetooth in my car as well. It picks up the most recently active audio source (usually Tidal or OverCast). I also have a handy play/pause button in the car that is very quick to hit for the times I don’t want to play from my iPhone. Luckily, it never restarts after calls. I think it might be dependent on the car’s implementation of Bluetooth.

Sorry I am picking on you, but “Apple Music” is not the right termology here. Apple Music referes to the music streaming service, while the Music app (which is pre-installed on iOS devices), which including Apple Music plays any music from iTunes or in your iCloud Music Library (from iTunes Match). :wink:

I’ve driven so many cars I definatly can say: this is how the car stereo configures itself. This have nothing to do with the iPhone or the settings.

This has been talked about several times on ATP (as recently as this week) but no one seems to have a solution to it yet.

It drives me bonkers every time I have to drive my wife’s car.

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I have a 2016 Civic with CarPlay. It plays “Between the Wars” by Billy Bragg every time my iPhone 5s is plugged in unless I’ve got something else playing aloud when I connect it.

I tried a few things to fix it, asked about it at my dealer, and finally have just accepted that my car really really likes Billy Bragg. It’s not the first song in my music collection by a long shot. I’m not sure what would happen if I deleted it, but am too afraid the car will decide never to work again to find out.

We have a 2017 Honda CR-V… mine plays a random song each time it connects… so at least it’s different every time :man_shrugging:

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I’ve been treated to Christmas music the last 3 mornings, pulling out of the garage.

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Try changing the General settings on your Subaru radio. There is a setting that allows for play through of Bluetooth.

I also have a 2017 CR-V. However, I get the same song every time (the last song played in  Music). My preference is to have my podcast resume where I left off but I know that’s never gonna happen.

Question: do you have bluetooth connected as well as CarPlay?

My theory is that as soon as bluetooth connects (even when connected via the cable for CarPlay), the crazy bluetooth protocol (or Apple’s implementation of it) kicks in and starts playing the last song played (from the beginning - maybe for some its the first song in the library by alpha).

Who knows…but I’m assuming this one isn’t going to be solved anytime soon due to the fact that we have auto manufacturers, the bluetooth protocol and Apple involved in the mix.

Similar problem with both of my Toyota’s. If I’m listening to a podcast with my headphones and start the car, it connects to the car and starts playing the podcast in the car. If I’m not connected to my headphones, it usually doesn’t start playing but will sometimes with no logic to why. I’ve tried to disconnect my phone as an audio player but it doesn’t seem to stick.

I am VERY sure that this is “by design”. I have never found a way to stop it. Most of the time it works for me. I get in the car and whatever I was playing continues. No this is not what we want all the time.

There is an article over at iMore about this you can read:

They suggest filing a bug report with Apple.

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The silent track trick worked for me. Better thank hearing AKA IDIOT by The Hives one more time.

It only does the Random Song when connected to Bluetooth only. Sometimes I get in the car for just a quick trip and don’t connect the cable for CarPlay and a random song starts.

When I do connect VIA CarPlay… NOTHING comes on until I go in and start a playlist/podcast etc

For me this is a random affair: I can be listening to an overcast podcast, get a phone call after the phone call either music or podcast app will fire up.

It almost never goes back to what was listening to.

AirPods in ear listening to overcast start van and music will play. Very annoying.