Music Filtering with Airpods

I use dislike and love ratings to sort the tracks that I want to keep and ones to delete. I have a smart playlist that shows all the disliked tracks. I go to this list from time to time and delete all of the tracks from my drive and iTunes match.

Challenge: When I listen to a new album during a workout, I use Airpods double tap to skip the tracks that I do not like. I don’t want to be touching the phone to do this as it takes several steps and I have to take gym gloves off.

Attempts: Create a smart playlist that shows all of the tracks that were skipped within the past two days. Unfortunately iTunes on my Mac does not show any tracks that were skipped. I am not sure what criteria iTunes uses dor determining a skipped track. Maybe this has something to do with me using iOS 13.1 beta.

Any thoughts?