Music hung, can't force quit it or restart-Catalina

Odd problem here. I just got a new optical drive and I was in the process of importing a music CD. The process hung with the CD spinning and making very bad noises. I quit importing and ejected the CD and looked at it. Seems ok. So I tried to quit music and figured I’d start over.

Music won’t quit, and a force quit won’t work either. Looked in Activity monitor and nothing appears to be obviously hung. Tried to restart the computer and get error can’t restart because of music to quit and try again.

ejected my backup drives and unplugged them just in case but am at a loss as to what to do other than a force restart.

Any other suggestions?

In Activity Monitor search ‘itu’ (to find itunes-related processes) as well as ‘mus’ (music) and Force Quit related processes, then try to restart.

All Macs can be compelled to restart, the specific procedure differing depending on type/generation of Mac. Since you didn’t say which machine you have, Google your Mac’s type and “hard reboot” and/or " Force Restart".

I ended up doing a forced restart. Then a clean boot followed by a full shutdown and then a restart. Haven’t tried to play with the optical drive again yet, going to wait until I am not quite so busy. Got some deadlines to meet this week so on the computer a lot.