Music Notation App

Hey dudes!

Looking for a decent to good to great music notation app for writing out drum charts. iOS preferred.

Any thoughts?

I’ve used Symphony Pro for music notation before, I believe it can do drum charts too :slight_smile:



I have been using Notion for some years. It is quite nice. But I have to say that I do not have any experience in writing out drum charts with it.

I never heard about @RosemaryOrchard’s pick. It sounds great, too! :slight_smile:

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Not iOS based, but a free open source, and completely different approach. A text-to-sheetmusic approach:

It also has support for drum and percussion notation:

We don’t do drums much, but we prefer Notion over Symphony (though the choice was made several years ago).
It has good input and pretty decent orchestral sounds.
It also has a Mac app that I haven’t used save for testing it out, but I have no justification for buying that so never really tested it fully.