Music playback issue on iphone SE

Is anyone familiar with the following image? My Dad gets this randomly during playback of music on iPhone SE running 12.1. When it happens, he can swipe up but it only gives you the usual things including play and stop music but no way to get back to playlists etc. This particular screen seems to only come up when playing playlists that he’s synced on the device. He can get to the control center from this screen but not back to itunes.

I’ve used Plex for so long that I’m a little unfamiliar with more current versions of iTunes playback interface on iOS devices.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I’m unsure about the correct termonology, but these are “guides” for first time users of an app. He should be able to dismiss it.

I can see that the text is very large. Adjust the text size down, and see you are able to dismiss.

Another troubleshooting step would be to delete the Music app (if possible) and re-install it from the App Store.

Good luck.

Large text was the issue, thanks for the suggestion, smaller text allowed him to continue through the prompt.

Thank you!