Music power users - Genres you don't want

There appear to be some hardwired genres that I’d like to just go away. I realize that they only appear among the dropdown list when I’m editing genres on the info page, but I don’t even want to see them there. You can make genres go away if you don’t list any songs under them, but there appear to be some that won’t disappear with this method.

Are they just there? Editable via a config file or Terminal command? Or could it be that some songs are listed as an unwanted genre but not showing?

Any advanced tips?

Two examples of sticky genres: Religious and Techno.

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One other quirk.
In the dropdown menu I have two Jazz genres “Jazz” and “JAZZ”
I despise this all-caps JAZZ and want it gone.
Sometimes when listing it only lets me choose the all caps.
Thankfully in doing any music sorting in column views it displays properly “Jazz.”
Oddly any smart playlist or column view lists all as “Jazz”

Maybe you can make a smart playlist to find the songs labeled “JAZZ” and manually edit the genre field to “Jazz”.

I thought I had already tried this, since Jazz and JAZZ listed the identical set of songs, but hadn’t. I simply selected all of the Jazz genre and changed to Jazz and poof JAZZ be gone. Thanks.

are you using some sort of sync? Apple Music, iTunes Match in the cloud with diamonds or whaterver it’s called? It might be the cause of some definitions reappearing on and on…

Good question. No subscription to either. I assume these are just hardwired options to give new users a idea of how to use genres.

As to the genres you don’t want (e.g. Religious & Techno), these seem to be baked into the Music app (and other apps).

yes, I agree with your conclusion