Musician/Teacher iPhone X Home Screen

Here is my home screen! I do most launching from here or Spotlight. Posting this is making me rethink my priorities.

Not sure I need calendar and fantastical on the same screen. Do all of my input from Fantastical.

YouTube is a sentimental thing from the early iPhones.

I should probably choose between notes and drafts, but notes has so much more data.

Here is my home screen. I have things grouped based upon function. And, I only have those applications that I need access to on a consistent basis. Perhaps this will you some ideas for your app selection and home screen arrangement. image

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I’d love to hear more about what’s in that Music folder. I see Tempo, iStroboSoft, and GarageBand but I’m not familiar with the other icons.

I’ve had Tempo on my home screen for years, but only recently ran into the fact that it doesn’t seem to support iPad multitasking a couple days ago when I was trying to shed something posted on Instagram and was very sad I couldn’t slide Tempo on top of it.

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