Must have apps for a small business

What are your must have for a small business, consider 1-5 employees.

I’m thinking of using just what apple provides (numbers and pages) for almost everything to avoid generating unnecessary costs.

I already pay for Dropbox plus, which at the moment I use to save everything relevant.

I just opted for MS Office for Business AUD20.00 per month. I get everything I need, compatible with clients and Teams removes the need for a separate Zoom sub.


IMO that would vary depending on your business. Do you negotiate with clients and submit proposals for jobs, then invoice your customers? Or do you run an online retail website and accept credit cards? Can you handle your finances with a spreadsheet and do your own taxes? Or do you have an accountant that prefers you use something like Quickbooks?

The landscaper who cared for my mother’s property took instructions via email and sent me a PDF each month. He had several employees but I suspect his software needs were fairly basic. You may already have everything you need but there is no way for us to know. AFAIK most Apple stores have a business represenative who could help, or you could contact Apple through their website.

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Relational database for accounting work: I use Corona $64 on the App Store. Needs accounting knowledge for working with the general journal. Has Payroll.

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When I briefly worked for myself (no employees), I liked Harvest for keeping track of time I spent on client work and the even more for invoicing.

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Thank you, office 365 it’s a good deal and excel it’s amazing.

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Thank you, I have a small animal clinic, I’m the main veterinarian.


Can you share it over here? I wasn’t able to find it, maybe it’s not on my region.

Thank you for sharing.

This is a longshot but, if you are on LinkedIn, Bill and Susan Garfield are listed as veterinarians who work for Apple. In case you want to reach out to them:

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Not a “mac native” answer, but if you are selling professional services, then your work will revolve around “clients” and “projects” along their related assets (tickets, calendaring, documentation, files…). I can recommend Basecamp for that.

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I’ve been happy with a non subscription CRM, Contacts Journal, which might fit into your workflow.

I did see that there are some specialty veterinarian focused cloud based solutions (but they’re not cheap and I don’t know if there might be some sort of regional restriction)

Shepherd might be $299/month

DaySmart might be somewhere around $116/month

There seem to be many others (I’m not in the veterinary field)

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Great idea, thank you very much. I’ll see what they have to say.

Great, thank you! Cross-platform services are welcomed :slight_smile:

I recently found Beancounter for accounting tasks in a small business. Has anybody tried it?

Thank you! I’ll see how’s the support in my country :slight_smile:

Go to Corona to download it directly. May not be suitable for foreign payroll. I’ve seen that before. Many English language accounting programs are used in VAT based tax schemes and wouldn’t work in the US.

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Looks like Beancount which I shared before, but I’ll try this one first, thank you.

Obsidian with a shared Git Repo for company wide docs
Libre Office as the Office Suite
Google Drive with . folder for each employee for shared between you and them for semi-private docs.
Banktivity covers all the accounting albeit with a few tweaks or pay somebody to be the bookkeeper for you.

Not sure of the legal requirements for vets where you are but look at some form of medicine log-in and out forms. Should be easy to handle client data as a note in Obsidian with links to notes for each pet with the treatment and drug history if you don’t want to go into a full fledged vet office app. Depends on your client base and legal requirements.

Here we have to have a vet, client, patient relationship to get anything including any farm animal drugs. I do have some stuff that the vet trusts me to use as appropriate since vets that will make farm calls are very few and far between. I have to be able to do most work myself with at best a phone consult. I have a basic analgesic, some antibiotics and a fair amount of first aid equip. Also tools to collect required tissue samples and appropriate sample containers if I have to do a necropsy myself.

I keep all my animal records in LambTracker. Old open source code. Newer AnimalTrakker handles more species but still focused on farm animals not dogs and cats but could be adapted. Not yet ready for prime time though.Our guardian dogs each have a page in Obsidian with their full veterinary records but the sheep are all in LambTracker. It automatically tracks slaughter withdrawals on nay treatments given which is critical for me since I mix keep and slaughter sheep in one flock and have to know when one is legal to harvest.

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I’ll have to see how to implement what you say about obsidian with either Tinderbox, Curio or Bear. I just don’t like obsidian, it’s a personal issue of course, the app is great.

Thanks for sharing :wink: