Mute microphone/speakers in Slack/Teams, leave meeting, using Stream Deck?

Got my Stream Deck XL last week. Already enjoying it, but these things would help even more while working from home, due to COVID-19 measures:

  • mute microphone in Slack (and show the actual status)
  • mute speakers in Slack (and show the actual status)
  • leave a Slack meeting/huddle
  • mute microphone in Teams (and show the actual status)
  • mute speakers in Teams (and show the actual status)
  • leave a Teams meeting

I guess I’m not the first to want this. Anyone already created/found such thing?

Only using Teams myself, but I have set up a key on the keyboard to send Shift-Ctrl-M to mute / unmute the microphone. Status is clearly shown in the Teams UI. Only works if Teams is the active application though.

Keyboard Maestro might help in (briefly) making Teams the active application?

I have a Keyboard Maestro 10 license (and Stream Deck has a KM plug-in), so KM based solutions are welcome too!

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This website will get you going for Teams. Here’s my Teams setup and it automatically switches to it when Teams window is active:

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Thanks. Just tested it, but it did not seem to work for me. Until I made sure Teams was the active App…

I noticed that this profile just sends key strokes to the system, so it should not be hard to do that part myself.

EDIT: Microsoft offers an overview of keyboard shortcuts.

This profile does not show the current status (muted or not muted), does it?

@simonsmark How did you create that screenshot?

Did you manually make a screenshot of the Stream Deck App and cut that, or is there a better way?

yup scale the app to the right size and take an area screenshot for upload

it does for me as I made it multi action. See toggled version here:

You can either use the Audio Mute plugin (search plugin store) to mute mic or the Teams keyboard shortcuts … whatever simpler

I use the Audio Mute plugin on the homepage of my Stream Deck. This way I always have mute at hand also when Teams is not the active window. Here’s the toggled version: