MX Keys and iPad Pro

Hey guys! I’ve got an iPad Pro and the MX Keys. None of the modifier keys work on the keyboard when connected to my iPad but they do when connected to my MacBook Pro and Windows laptop at work. Has anyone encountered this?

I have a support ticket opened with Logitech and initially they said they were waiting on iOS to support the modifier keys, but I know they are supported in iOS, so this is a back and forth conversation with support.

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I’ve got an MX Keys in the post somewhere - when it arrives I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

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Please do and let me know!

It arrived today :slight_smile:

Paired with my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.
Modifier keys do you mean the top row for volume / brightness adjustment etc?

I mean the command, control, and option keys. I should have been more specific.

cmd-tab works for switching
cmd-space brings up siri search
in word cmb+b for bold works as do the other shortcuts.

that kind of thing?

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Command tab was definitely not working with mine, but I’m glad to know it does work with your keyboard. I’ll try some other things with it.


What version of iPad Pro and iOS or iPadOS do you have? I would check so see that your iPad is update-to-date on the most current version; that might be the culprit.

I am using a 2018 iPad Pro 11’ with iPadOS v13.3.1 paired with my MX Keys and all of the modifier keys function properly.

I’m also running iPadOS 13.3.1.

I wonder if it’s cause I went from Windows with USB dongle to Bluetooth on iPad.

Suggestion: Have you tried unpairing both devices, and starting over by first starting w/ the iPad (testing & confirming), then pairing with your windows machine over Logi’s universal usb dongle?

I was able to get it to work by doing as you suggested! Thanks!!


What are your thoughts on the MX Keys? I’m interested in it, and I’m curious how it compares to the Apple magic keyboard. (Thanks!)

I’ve never had the Apple Magic Keyboard, but I enjoy the MX Keys. I was using a keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, and as much as I enjoyed it I think my coworkers were annoyed at me. My hands are still getting used to the new travel, but it’s been working out pretty well. I have it paired with the MX Master 3 so I get some extra functions on the mouse also.

I mainly got it to easily switch between iOS, macOS, and Windows, and it works very well now. Charging via USB C is a major benefit to me since I have a USB C charger already ran on my desk.

Hey @timlockridge,

It comes down to personal preferences. They both are balanced and decent keyboards. I naturally enjoyed the MX Keys; they are slightly more squishy than the butterfly style on the Magic Keyboard from Apple. But I found that I had more accuracy on long writing sessions, a little slower in WPM.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is short and quick response, but they are all flat, so if you’re not used typing on that kind of surface, you will find yourself making more adjustments to correct your hand placement.

Just my 2¢.



Late to the thread, I know, but just wanted to chime in with a +1 for the MX Keys. I just got mine as a replacement for my K811 that spilled a double espresso into. :frowning:

It had served me well for many years, and having used Logitech gear for about 30 years at this point, I do trust them to make great products. (As a quick due diligence session, I found this thread before ordering though.)

The MX Keys is my first full-size keyboard in many years and I do love having the big arrow keys and a full keypad available again. So much faster, convenient and accurate for numeric input. I like the feel of the keys and it has a lot of nice features, with a number of programmable keys as well.

FYI, the keyboard does have support for both Mac and Windows layouts, which can be selected by hitting and HOLDING Fn-O (Mac/iOS) or Fn-P (Windows) for three seconds. I’m suspecting that you’d see some issues if the keyboard was accidentally switched to support the wrong OS. The modifier keys is one thing that is mapped differently on Mac vs Win.