MX Keys Mini is here

We are many who have missed the Logitech K811, and now the MX Keys Mini has dropped.

I never put in my order this fast for anything :slight_smile:


I’ll be interested to know whether there is any flex. That is my only minor gripe with the K811, as a spoiled-rotten Topre-collecting keyboard connoisseur.

same here… hope it can replace the K811 as my portable keyboard…My K811 is getting old and worn now, though still working great. Shame the Mac version only comes in white.

I miss the Logitech K760. I had 2 (one for work and one at home) it was Solar powered and allowed bluetooth switching between 3 devices.

But it was discontinued and my keyboard eventually died. :sob:

I like the look of the keyboard but looking at the product page and there’s another Logitech dongle? Why on earth do they keep making these?

At this point, I’ve got a Unifying receiver and one of the Lightspeed ones plugged in - if I was to purchase this I’d have three different Logitech dongles plugged in!

Double checking, it appears the Bolt is essentially a Bluetooth dongle as it is.

There is none as far as I can discern. Well, I mean, you can flex it if you put your hands on both sides and bend it, but as far as something I think you’d notice during typing, I think you’d be good.

This is a solid, hefty, some might even say slightly heavy keyboard. The Amazon page lists its weight as 506.4 g (just over a pound).

Same. I have no idea why they let that one go out of stock. It was a great idea, IMO.

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Presumably because (I’ve heard) that Bluetooth in Windows still s*cks?

With my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, it works fine with Bluetooth, FWIW.

Cool, I might have to try it out. I definitely wasn’t talking about torsion flex if you go for it on purpose. With my K811, it’s so soft that it flexes in the middle while you’re typing on it, unless you put something underneath to reinforce it. And I’m not a heavy-handed typist. I still like the K811 but I could do without distractions from my tools!

You can use the dongle utility to add your keyboard to an existing dongle. Each dongle can do up to 6 devices

Looks like this keyboard is operating with Bluetooth Low Energy ONLY and that support for the older Unifying plug is gone. I presume this is done to extend the battery life of the keyboard and that Logitech now thinks BT LE is common enough in the market.

Only for devices that doesn’t have BT LE built in, you would need to buy the Bolt adapter too.

I do think it is a good thing that they are finding Bluetooth LE good enough to drop the Unifying concept. As I recall, it was a workaround they needed because many earlier Bluetooth implementations were simply too unreliable.

Not with this one apparently.

I assume it’s something to do with the Flow, where it can copy files and the like to different machines.

Will need to do some testing when my Mini arrives tomorrow. Definitely will need it to work with the MX Anywhere 3 mouse while on the road

Macs don’t let bluetooth keyboards except their own type on the login screen - at least in my experience. I’ve had this across multiple keyboards and machines. The dongle bypasses that issue quite neatly. Plus, if like me you have multiple devices, you can plug the one dongle into your K(V)M and one button switches everything over at once.

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If only they made a USB-C dongle…

The best would be an integrated USB-C Yubikey and Logitech dongle that integrates touchID…

Was going to say I’ve no trouble at all with my Keychron, but from memory this is a Filevault thing, and I’ve just checked and my Mac Mini doesn’t have Filevault enabled (I thought it was by default these days?), so that’s probably the reason why?

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Yup, for my work machine I have to keep FileVault enabled, and I do on my personal machines too because I do value the fact that if someone did get their hands on my machines my data wouldn’t be available to them without that password. I use my KeyChron wired, and the Logitech dongle is plugged in for my mouse and the other keyboards I have floating around!

A USB C dongle would be a welcome addition/alternative.

Just received the MX Mini for Mac. Great set of keys. No Unifying dongle support indeed. It does however support the new Logitech Bolt receiver, my other Logitech peripherals are all based on Unifying tech, so I am on direct Bluetooth connection only for now. I will purchase a separate Bolt receiver in case I run into connection issues.

Now I need to remember to buy the right versions (Bolt) when replacing my peripherals in future. I think the products are the same, but they have the designation (for business). Bolt was developed to be more stable in office environments with lots of Bluetooth peripherals in action…

I thought these days it was enabled by default, so I’m surprised to find my Mini doesn’t have it enabled!

Macs with the T2 security chip or the M1 (and beyond, I assume) have the SSD encrypted by default with a key that’s unique to the Mac and stored in its secure enclave. On those systems FileVault means something a little different in that when you turn it on, the encryption key for the SSD is itself encrypted using another key that’s derived from your password.