My 12.9” iPad Pro Homescreen

This is my home screen for my 12.9” 2nd gen iPad Pro. I work as an associate pastor and the iPad Pro is my main computer to work from. After iOS 11 came out, I went with the all apps in the dock approach so I could reach them quicker to use split view or slide over.
For apps, I use Spark for email, mainly for its integration with Things introduced in Spark 2. I had gone back to the, but switched after Spark version 2 came out. Fantastical is my calendar of choice. I use Logos Bible Software for reading and research for my job and Ferrite to edit sermon audio for release each week. Ulysses is my long-form writing app that I use for both work and school (I’m working on my Masters degree right now). I use Affinity Photo to act as a graphic design tool until Affinity releases Designer for iPad.
I’ve been using Things since Things 1, although there have been moves to and from OmniFocus multiple times along the way. I’ve been back since Things 3 came out and I’ve really been happy with their releases so far. I use iBooks mainly for school, for some reason I have found it a little nicer to work with than the Kindle app for textbooks. Plus I can read @MacSparky field guides on the beautiful screen!
For my wallpaper, I have the Cortex wallpaper from the Cortex podcast. I like the simplicity and that it is a darker background. I prefer dark mode apps whenever I can use them and can’t wait to see if iOS 13 might have a system-wide dark mode.


Home Screen 10.5 iPad — June, '18

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As many have done… tried minimalist dock only, clusters of folders (play, work, noise). I ended up with semitraditonal most used apps and sevices on my home screen.

  • Dock apps most likely to be used in split screen or multitasking modes

Mint and Drafts… I’m considering them. I try and buy many apps. Most don’t find a place on my home screen. They are uninstalled.

I write some, a bit of blogging, listen to books, keep track of some numbers.



I use the minimalist look (ala David Sparks) on my iPad Pro, but not on my iPhone X. L to R I have 1Password (used on all of my Mac devices), Safari, Pocket Informant (which I use on all of my Mac devices and which I prefer over Fantastical), Contacts, Things, Express VPN (works great at home in Hong Kong and gets around the Great Firewall of China when I am in the PRC), Airmail (I use on all my Mac devices) and GoodNotes 4.

Wallpaper is a picture of the district where I live in Hong Kong.

There is an issue with the size of my screen save, which I have now resolved!IMG_0044

Hey Nick,
I like the minimal look. I like to keep my 1Password in the dock for every time I need to log into something in safari.

How’s logos? I have a buddy who works for them and I’ve thought about jumping in but it’s expensive.

Is fantastical worth the jump from apple’s calanders? It’s been tempting me.

And do you do your sermon slides on keynote or something else? Our church uses proclaim and so far our workflow is not great. Having to convert PowerPoint slides to jpeg’s and import them. Not a great solution.


I’m a big fan of Fantastical. It’s natural language input won and Workflow integration me over instantaneously.

I’m a youth pastor, and we use ProPresenter for our slides. I’ll draw up a quick little graphic or text slide in Pixelmator or keynote and export it as a jpg, so it’s a pretty similar workflow to yours.

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I’ve used Logos for a while now. I’ve always really enjoyed using it, and the recent update to the mobile app really made things a bit smoother. It is pricey, for sure, but I’ve tried to keep costs down by not upgrading my library every time they release a new version and just updating the software.

I think Fantastical is worth it too. Like @Britishxninja said, the natural language input is pretty awesome and super easy to get used to.

We use ProPresenter for our slides, but we create them in Keynote (me) or PowerPoint (my senior pastor) and then export jpegs. I’m trying to work a solution where I can present from Keynote since I much prefer presenting with it. I’ve almost nailed it, but need to train the guys running the slides during sermons.