My 12.9” iPad Pro: Research and Writing


I’ve loved the 12.9" iPad Pro from day 1, and quickly moved to it as my daily driver.

Finishing up my dissertation, I spend my time writing, editing, and rounding off research. I dump the words in Scrivener and Drafts, and throw PDFs into Mendeley. Akin to EndNote, Mendeley is a reference manager that will sync the PDF library across devices. Mendeley also added a researcher social network, of sorts. Allowing you to interact with authors of papers, assuming they have a profile. Mendeley will also search your PDF library, and then recommend additional articles based on what you’ve added. I’ve been surprised by how good the recommendations can be. I use Notes and Gladys for temporary storage of ideas and information.

I haven’t been able to drop my Mac completely, since I still need to run data analysis on very specific software. Screens is the solution, allowing me to access my iMac and Mac Mini to run the analysis while I continue working on the iPad. I’ve tried to keep my iPad simple, with only a few apps installed. 99% of the work I do is accomplished by the apps in the dock, with me having to dive into the folder every few days for something. The folder also stores apps that I only use during specific times. When I’m teaching Human Anatomy Labs, I bring out the Anatomy specific apps to teach from, as a well as Keynote, which I only use when school is in session.


Uh oh! Hmm, recommended articles might be useful to me. I’ve been on the hunt for referencing software (I’m currently using Zotero, which works well to be fair!), and this is tempting me to try Mendeley!

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I use a Mendeley as well. It has also a nice plugin for Word and I think it works also now directly with overleaf.

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