My 14" MBP M1 Max is like the Energizer Bunny

I’m extremely pleased with the battery life on my MBP. In addition to the super hardware and software, my minimalist approach to apps seems to pay dividends in battery life. I’ve been using the MBP non-stop since 5:30 this morning; it is now 1:15pm and I have 56% battery left.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 1.15.46 PM


Yup. Same here with my 16”. I’ve totally forgotten about having to plug this in. I use it all day and still have plenty battery left.

It actually surprised me the other day when a noticed popped up about being low on battery! I was thinking “oh, that’s right, I have to plug this in once and while!”


same experience here with my 16"

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hmmm - my MacBook Pro 16" with Max Chip is only between 5 to 8 hours - not great… I heard the Pro chip gets better battery time…

This is probably due to the apps that are running and what work is being done. I have a minimum of apps running and most of them are native, which are very efficient. Additionally, most of my work is text and web-based. I open other needed apps and then close them when finished, e.g., DEVONthink, Pages, Numbers/Excel, etc.

Apps Preloading and routinely running:

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Agree with @Bmosbacker — you would probably be around 45% after the same amount of time elapsed, with his apps. If you were finishing work in time for late dinner, you’d be just fine. He can make it until after his bedtime, assuming he’s not too much of a machine to need sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

What browser are you using?

Also open activity Monitor and go to the energy tab. What apps are at the top and what’s the number beside them? (12h usage)

:joy:, I’m just a morning person, up at 5, to bed at 8:30.

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Also to add to this: I use Brave (Chromium) as my main browser and there is a way to check what tabs are using resources. Go to ‘more tools’ → ‘task manager’ to see this.

May be also useful to install a tab suspender extension for pausing tabs that have been unused for a while (I use Workona but there are many others).

Also, I am amazed at how quickly my MBP charges. Probably because I rarely get to 0%, but it still seems incredibly fast one I plug it in.

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