My dad's Bose SLII Bluetooth Speaker has trouble connecting if not on the wifi closest to it, why?

So we have 2 wifi networks in our house through our router, D and D Kitchen. My dad’s office/study is at the other end of the house (not by the kitchen) so he connects to the network D. Saw his phone was connected to D Kitchen and switched to D and connected to his Bluetooth Bose speaker no problem. Is there a connection between the wifi network and Bluetooth to explain why it worked?

Not sure if I’m finding the exact speaker product on the Bose site, but if it is one of those small Bluetooth speakers they shipped a few years back, I don’t think it has WiFi at all. If this is the case, you are limited by the Bluetooth range of (max) 30 ft / 10 m. Just as a Bluetooth headset won’t mind what wifi network you are on, neither should the Bose speaker. It will, however, be picky about your relative distance from the Bluetooth source.

However, if it’s a Bose SoundTouch system, you might need to bridge the two networks (unless you simply have 2 WiFi access points connected to the same network). Bose Wave systems seems to use a proprietary networking solution, bypassing wifi altogether, similar to other multi-room solutions like Sonos, Denon Heos, Bluesound etc.

If it is a SoundLink Mini 2 / Colour 2 then as above they are only Bluetooth.

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This could be a mechanism to limit the number of options presented. For example, at school there is a seemingly infinite number of Apple devices that are listed as airplay options. (I realize that is WiFi, just an analogy for why limiting options would be a Good Thing™.)