My Desk Setup in 2020

This is my desk setup, I have a 2009 15 inch MacBook Pro running High Sierra thanks to the dosdude 1 patcher tool. I have a generic Dynex tv as my monitor. It does the job well, since I have a 250gb ssd in it. I do want to put 8gb of ram in it though.


Here’s an update, I recently swapped out my desk.

Do you sit in a dark room while working?

At home I work in a room with lower ambient light levels, neutral wall colors and closed blinds, which I learned about from a photo retoucher friend at the turn of the century when I started editing scanned photos. Window light, bright light, non-diffused light, and wall colors distort perception of image brightness and can fool the eye into inaccurately seeing color and color casts. (There are actual ISO standards for for office lighting for graphics design and pre-press work, with more stringent standards for monitor calibration and room lighting.) I later just became comfortable working in lower light on the computer (as long as I wasn’t also referencing paper output).

How dark should your room be? Article on the ISO lighting standards here (archive. org).


Lol, yes, so I can see the rgb. I’m building a new pc in a few months, so there’ll be even more rgb.

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Love the GameBoy Color :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this your daily-driver? I’m still running my 2012 MBPr as a portable but use a 2017 iMac as my work machine. I’m holding out to see what happens with the ARM notebooks, perhaps this fall.

No, I use a think pad t430 at the moment, but I’m building a new pc this winter with a ryzen 3 3200g and 16gb of ram.

I thought you were getting a Mac mini!

Lol, yeah, I hope to get a MacBook Air in the next year or two (once the transition to in house silicon happens). It’s just the more I think about it, the more something portable makes sense. Anyways, we all know what gaming on a Mac is like🤣

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