My 'desktop' setup

A long, long time ago I posted here about wanting an iMac, but also wanting to move around.
Well, I do have an iMac now and although I could and maybe should use it at a desk, I have come to understand that I just enjoy sitting alongside my wife as we do our hobbies. So, I have taken an IKEA simple cabinet, and mounted an arm on it with a metal clamp to hold the monitor.
With wheels on the unit, I can take it to different seating areas in our house.

To make the arm stable on the cabinet, I drilled a hole in the top for the arm to pass through, and reinforced the wood with a strip of metal.

I was really worried the foot of the iMac would get in the way and be unsightly, but it turns out that it doubles as a handy shelf for my keyboard and trackpad!
The first photo shows what I see, so that’s my feet up in the recliner. The keyboard is on the foot since I was busy taking a photo.
The second shows the back, with the cabinet and drilled hole, arm, VIVO adapter plate for VESA mounting, and the cabling.

It’s not a great setup for work and I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, but I don’t use it for work so that’s fine.
So far, I really like it!


That’s a different kind of set up, but if it works for you keep using it. I like the picture under the water.