My favourite web feed reading workflow

I signed up for Inoreader pro plan. The reason I chose Inoreader over feedly as the plan has some features that work for me (like setting up rules, remove duplication) and is less expensive than the premium plan at feedly.

After the standard initial set up of subscribing to my favourite RSS feeds, I installed the Inoreader chrome extension. This enables me to add my favourite blog sites that may not set up with RSS feeds to be added to the subsciption. I also set up a folder called “worthwhile reading”, then add the specific RSS feeds and blog sites to the folder. Then I added a few important Twitter accounts to Inoreaders.

Except for pdf files, Inoreader has become my one stop shop for reading most feeds (RSS, Twitter) from the Internet. My favourite device is to use the inoreader app on my iPad Mini 6, just the right size

It is also worthwhile to mention that Inoreader enables highlighting and annotation and sync to Readwise as well.


I have a similar setup.

I only use RSS feeds, including for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit searches, Google Alerts, etc. I manage everything with Inoreader.

Then I use Reeder on iOS for reading/skimming/saving for later.

I also use Instapaper but plan on moving to a custom alternative that uses the up to date Readability.js library. Plus, Instapaper is quite slow and keeps your data hostage (you can’t export all your saved articles).

I lack a good workflow for PDFs. Right now I use Apple Books and DEVONthink.

For saving to Instapaper and add feeds to Inoreader I have custom Siri Shortcuts.