My Feeble Attempt at Cable Management

I thought I could be cool like those people on Pinterest…it didn’t work out so well. :joy:


I LOVE IT! Thanks for the laugh. You know what might help? Those lil square pieces of colored plastic that ties up some bread. You write which item the cable is for with a fine tipped Sharpie. And attach it to the wire.


I should have spread out my devices more. I was so worried I wouldn’t have enough space that I started off too cramped.

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Nailed it!

I consider this a win overall – the cables are out of sight.


I don’t have a picture to hand, but the back of my TV unit does not look great either. However, as @tf2 has said, the cables will all be out of site when you put the unit back against the wall. This is the approach I had when I set up my cable management for the TV. Once my TV is back in place I cannot see any of the cables and form my perspective that is the whole point of cable management. As long as you can see no, or the absolute minimum, of cables when you are sat watching TV then your cable management has served its purpose.

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There was and that’s how I had it before but it was a jumbled mess and I could t get to any of the smaller hubs when I needed to.

It covers all my entrances and I need it close to my Eero for Ethernet.

Nope, I had an issue but got it working again.

Everything but the TV is connected to a Cyberpower battery back up. I don’t have to worry about brownouts where I am. It’s never been an issue.

I’ve been using this EVE energy for a few years now and it’s been working perfectly. No issues. There may be quite a few things connected but any are low power, ie my Flic hub. That’s one reason the TV is on its own plug, I figured that drew the most power.

Great idea.

Thanks for all the feedback!!

I’ve got a couple smaller USPs I use for the TV, and in turn take some of the load off of the larger one as well.

When I hear “brownout” I think of the rolling brownouts that have been a problem in California, not something that could effect me. Thank you for clarifying.

Not to derail the thread (I actually like this pegboard approach, so well done), but would you have any advice on good, inexpensive, and unobtrusive UPS solutions?

Genius. I may well take this idea for my office desk.

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“Business in the front, tardy in the back.”