My feelings about Messages in 2020

Apple: “We have really taken Messages to the next level. You can now Heart or Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down in individual message. You can make the other person’s entire screen full with balloons or fireworks. And if that’s not enough, we have an augmented reality feature that will track your facial movements and animate a fictional character in real time to your voice.”

Me: “Great. How do I mark a message unread?”

Apple: “Oh, we can’t do that. That’s too complicated.”


I love a good strawman rant.


When did they say it’s too complicated? I must have missed that…

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When this came up years ago, Apple said it was too complicated because of syncing across multiple devices. I’m probably not 100% accurate on this, but that was years ago, and we still can’t do it.

This frustrates me a lot. I want to mark these as unread to come back to later.

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