My Grad. Students Love MindNode!

I think I just “sold” a lot of copies of the MindNode app. to my grad. students. They are working on a significant post-campus project. During the course of the class, I share “tips” that will help them as graduate students and professionals. Some of those tips are about applications they can use to make them more effective and efficient in their work. One such tip was about MindNode. Virtually all of them are now using it to outline their project and research work, as well as for presentations. Maybe I should ask Ideasoncanvas for a commission. :slight_smile:


This is great! I also show my students tech throughout the semester (I teach European History to undergraduates) and love using MindNode to map class discussions while they are happening. I use my iPad hooked up to the projector so it looks kind of like a whiteboard and they really like how we can organize the different threads of the discussion. Then I post a PDF of the discussion to the class LMS afterwards to they can refer back to it. Simple things, but the students seem to really like having the exposure to new programs they didn’t know about before.


Nicole, that is a great idea. Do you map the questions they ask and the ongoing dialogue? I might try this. Would you be able to share a sample with me?

Hi there,
Sorry to be so slow in answering. These couple of weeks and the next are really when I take vacation in summer break. When I get back to my Mac (instead of the iPad) I will look to see if I have a decent example to show you. Some end up being better organized in the end than others, but so far it has worked pretty well. The hardest thing is to keep typing in ideas as the students talk instead of getting so caught up in what is going on in the discussooin that I forget to type.

No hurry. I could arrange a grad student type during class. :slight_smile:

While we’re talking about asking questions, I ran across the Question Formulation Technique. I like this a lot because it gives people an equal voice, quiet people have their say, (mostly) male students can’t dominate, etc., It also discourages people (including instructors) from warping a question into what they want to answer, rather than what the student asked.