My Home Office Setup

Hi All, this is my first post on the new forum. I have been a keen listener of Mac Power Users for about 2 years now and have been a Mac user for about 10 years.
I love everything Apple so thought I would share my Home Office Setup.







My main machine is an iMac Pro 10 core with 128 Ram 4TB SSD
2 x LG 5k Thunderbolt 3 Monitors
2 x WD Passport 4TB External HD - One for Time Machine and the other for a daily clone of the internal SSD
1 x G Tech 12TB Thunderbolt 3 External HD - Used as a data dump and general storage
2 x Samsung T3 USB 3.1 External SSD - Used as data dump and also to take out on the road with me.
Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse and Keyboard
Wacom Intuos 5 Medium Tablet
Synology Diskstation 416play 14TB

Printing wise I have Canon PRO 1000 A1 printer, a Colour HP Laser and the Scansnap ix500.

I also have a Homepod, Apple TV 3rd Gen and the first generation iPad Pro 12.9 with Pencil.

I love this setup and really enjoy working on it !


Here is the iMac Pro at night :smile:



Wow what an amazing setup!! I love it. Very tastefully color coordinated.

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2 questions: is that really a snes console under your tv and what do you do with all that disk space? :sweat_smile:

Welcome and great setup!

What do you use for the backlight behind your iMac Pro and monitors?

I’m curious why you don’t angle-in your left and right monitors?


The night view is amazing!!

That chair looks amazing — what is it? I assume you’d recommend it.
A 5-point harness wouldn’t look out of place, for some serious gaming :wink:

I use a similar chair. I don‘t know his exact model, but i got mine from needforseat.

The chair is from Noble Chairs. It is the Epic series

I have the Phillips Hue system in my house and I use the Hue Lightstrip that is stuck to the back of the desk.

It SNES Mini for some classic gaming in my down time.
You can never have to much storage !

The space / desk does not really allow it. I am looking for a corner desk so can angle the 2 external monitors

This looks really cool Jason but I wonder how ergonomic are the screens when they are lined up so that all three are in a straight line. I have used a multi screen setup but always feel the need to turn the outer ones inwards for more comfortable viewing.

I am concerned about the neatness of your desk. Where are the coasters, coffee mugs, spare cables, little dish of miscellaneous screws, a foil bag or two from your last hard drive purchase, nail clippers, and pocket detritus that belongs on every home desk?

Neither or my areas are nearly that impressive. I have a corner desk upstairs (where I am now) in the guest room) which is where I do most my email and stuff in the morning. It’s a MBP 2015 with a broken keyboard (eldest spilled hot cocoa on it) that other wise works perfectly, so it sits in clamshell mode behind a 27" display and I have it connected to a sounder that is also behind the screen.

Downstairs I have a 2012 iMac (getting upgraded as soon as Apple does a 2018 refresh) with a second 27" display. Behind those are a lot of disks (20TB or so). I have an off-site Synology with 36TB of space, so everything gets backed-up at least thrice.

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This is the second time I’m seeing these wallpapers in a setup somewhere. Do you have a link to them? This is such a cool idea.

What is the gear on left side in the last daytime picture? looks like DJ gear, but you seem to be home-based whereas most DJ’s are portable.

It is my DJ setup - Pioneer DJM 900Nexus, 2 x Pioneer DJM 2000Nexus and a RMX - 1000
This is the industry standing in nightclub across the world. I use Pioneer Reckordbox Music Management software on my mac to manage my DJ tracks and set playlist. These then get exported to SD Cards for playing out.

The iMac is my many screen and use the right for email and my task manager which is 2DO.

I then use the left screen for Twitter and Windows 10 running using Parallels Desktop.

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Is that your office or heaven? :wink: Wow! Very nice!