My home setup in 2023. Computer and digital piano

I have never shared my home setup, and thought “why not”. There is not much space available and I managed to fit an Ikea Mike desktop (which I love because it has lots of cool tricks in such a small space), a 32’’ Samsung M7, my 2018’’ 15 MBP on top of another half size drawer cabinet and the 88 keys Korg Kronos. The Kronos sits on an K&R Omega Stand, where I fitted the iLoud Micro monitors and a sheet music rest where I put my iPad Pro which is running For Score.

Currently learning the “A whiter shade of pale” arrangement by David Lanz.


Cozy setup! Are those a pair of HD 598s? How are they?

Well spotted! I kind of like them for regular music listening and they are very comfortable for extended use, but for production I usually have to cut off the middle bass a bit otherwise the pianos from the Kronos tend to sound muddy.

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