My homescreen, my desktop & my Launchpad

My various homescreen, desktop, and Launchpad

My iPhone 7+ homescreen is set up like this


I’ve set up my iPhone homescreen according to overall “topics”
making it easy for me to find the app(s) I need when I work from my iPhone.

My MacBook Air 13" desktop is pretty minimalistic and I rely heavily on Stacks in Mojave to keep my desktop neat


And just like my iPhone, I’ve set up my Launchpad in pretty much the same way :smile:


And the desktop background changes every 5 minutes with various inspirational quotes related to work life.


I like this a lot…how did you get the dock icons to separate for your organization scheme?

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People use Launchpad?!


Check out the following article and comments for some options to add spaces to the macOS Dock.

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Like this:

  1. From the Finder, select Go > Utilities
  2. Double-click Terminal to launch it
  3. At the Terminal prompt, type (or copy & paste) the following code, then press return:
    defaults write persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=“spacer-tile”;}’
  4. When the Terminal prompt appears again, type in:
    killall Dock
    and press return. This relaunches the Dock, and when it appears again, you’ll see your spacer. Like any other icon, it can be dragged left or right, or removed by dragging it off of the Dock.

Well, I do a little, at least :smile:
However, my most used apps are usually started through Spotlight search