My Hotspot won’t turn off

I had turned on the option to automatically connect my iPad to the hotspot of my iPhone, which was nice. But recently I had problems with my router at home and the iPad kept connecting to my mobile data when I didn’t notice I wasn’t in my wifi anymore. Anyway, I tried to turn that option off on both devices, again and again, but they keep connecting. I have rebooted them, I even have a new OS by now (14) but it still happens. I tick off the personal homespot in my iPhone settings, I tick off „connect automatically“ in my iPad settings, but it doesn’t care, it just connects whenever I use my iPad outside of a wifi. Why???

In the settings for the hotspot you’ll find the Family sharing settings as well.
I’ve noticed that even though I’d turned the hotspot off this would allow it to be turned on for a device used by one of the people in this list.

Maybe put them all on “Ask permission” and see what happens?

Hm, I have no one in family sharing, maybe that’s why I don’t have that setting.

that would explain the absence, yes.
Wouldn’t solve your issue though…

This might though:

your iPad should have a " automatically connect to hotspot" setting in WIFI settings. Maybe toggle that one to “ask”?

Yes, I did that already. It won’t accept my will.

Have you tried, once connected to the hotspot, going into settings on the iPad, tapping on the info button and selecting “forget this network”?

I’m not sure, I’ll try that one!

Is the setting “WiFi Assist” still around (somewhere under Cellular, IIRC)? If so you might try turning that off.

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