My Humble iPhone 5s Homescreen

Each row has a category/folder, three most used apps to the right of the folder, with the folder holding any other apps from that category.

I use a basic reminder app to keep birthdays separate from my actual Reminders app.

Dock holds my four most important/used apps…

  1. Happy Feed - desperately trying to start a journalling habit, however small

  2. & 3) I work nights and couldn’t live without Apple Music and Podcasts

  3. Alarm clock - for obvious reasons!



How is working that phone with iOS 11? Wife has the same phone but running iOS 9, and she doesn’t want to upgrade fearing speed loss on the phone.

5s and SE are still supported. iPhone 5 is the one not supported. Hope that helps

No guarantees, but I’ve had no problem at all always staying on the most resent IOS

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So organized! Do you find it inconvenient to reach for Drafts up there? Might be more ergonomic on the 5 than newer models.