My iMac 5k Homescreen


I usually keep my dock hidden but unhid it for this screenshot.

Try to keep things pretty minimal. Bartender 3 really helps with my massively cluttered Menubar.

On the Dock:

Standards then:
which I don’t really use which is a markdown note app,
Chrome still is the best browser for web developers with Firefox a close second. Apple really doesn’t care about web developers just web consumers. It’s a shame but the App Store is their core business strategy when it comes to apps.
Day One
VSCode - I write all my blog posts and code in this thing. It really is an IDE in a text editor skin. So powerful and free from Microsoft.
Hyper.js which is a shell built on Electron.
Franz is another Electron app that aggregates all my chat services.


ImageOptim to optimize images quite easily. I could use the terminal but I usually just drag an image on this to convert it. For more batch processing I use the terminal. I also don’t really use it all that much because I host all my blog images on Cloudinary.
Dash which I usually don’t have there.

My 4k Monitor Screen:



I simply love your desktop picture!
(Alas, wouldn’t „Work Smarter“ be slightly more cheerful?)

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More than likely. :slight_smile:

I found this wallpaper in a comment thread for my former employer’s app, I liked it so much I asked where to find it. I have some other work related wallpapers that aren’t so kosher. Bad language and the like. I have this Chrome extension that is a site blocker called Go F*cking Work by a designer named Andrew Lamb. He has a site where you can buy his wallpapers for something like $2. I bought them and there are wallpapers for macOS, iPhone, and iPad which is nice.

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Very nice! What are you using to connect to Google Drive? That definitely is not the Google Backup & Sync client.

Love that wallpaper too.

Do you have a link? My google skills aren’t working too well tonight.