My iMac Home Screen


This is the screen of my 12 inch MacBook. The dock hides on the left side. I like clearing off my desktop either each time I use it, or at worst, the end of the day. It forces me to make choices about filing things – which is good for me.

Usually I have a more boring background, but the picture is one my partner took on our vacation on the Mendocino coast in late May. It was a perfect day at the Point Arena lighthouse and it makes me happy to see it.

My top menu bar has icons for Twitter (I should take that off – I’m @anneperez there too), 1Password, Dropbox, and Airplay. I’m extremely easily distracted so have all notifications of all kinds turned off. I’ve left Siri up there, even though I don’t use it on my Mac with the thought I’ll figure out a way to eventually.

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