My iPads Autolock doesn't appear to be working


I’m a little bit frustrated by the fact that my iPad doesn’t appear to be switching itself off when left for more than two minutes as my auto lock suggests.

Just lately I’ve been noticing that I’m coming back to my iPad that is in the cradle in front of me and the iPad has remained on way longer than the two minutes of inactivity where it’s supposed to be switching itself off.

I don’t know why this is, and I’m not entirely sure when this began, but I’ve been monitoring it closely and short of physically switching it off (despite the settings clearly stating that it needs to switch itself off after two minutes).

Is anybody else experiencing this? It’s driving me up the wall.

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Are you on 17.3? My iPads are on 17.3 and shut off as normal.

Is there an app active that keeps it awake? I would force close all apps and if that helps. Sorry to point out the obvious, but a reboot fixes 90% of my weird iOS problems, so have you tried that? Otherwise, might be time for a full reset and reinstall.

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Just a shot in the dark. Are you by any chance using Universal Control with the iPad and the Mac? When Universal Control is active, auto-lock on the iPad is disabled.

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Also, you did not mention which model you have, but the attention-aware features of Face ID might be interfering with the auto-lock, as the Pros will normally not lock while you are looking at them i.e. if the iPad detects you are reading something. If you have one of the Pros, try turning that off and on again.

Do you use any of the e-reader apps that can override the shut-off timeout?

Thanks. Yes I’ve reset it several times thinking that might solve the problem but it didn’t.

I am on the latest version of the software, and I did kill everything (which grieved me a little bit at first, because I didn’t realise how many things I had open)… but yes I’ve done that too.

none of that made a difference.

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oh wow! I did not know that. Judging by the sounds of it, it could well be that. I do indeed use universal control and have the iPad sat next to my Mac mini dancing from one screen to the next occasionally.

I’m using a M2 Mac mini With the 11 inch iPad Pro