My iPhone 12 Pro Max has two Docks

On my iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is the dock at the bottom of the home screen. I would expect it to be there.

But there is something behind it. It might be a second dock. I didn’t put it there.

I can’t tap it. I can’t drag the main dock out of the way.

How do I get rid of it?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the bottom portion of the home screen.

Thank you,




Try turning off or changing the wallpaper.


Thank you quorm for that suggestion. It worked!

Instead of the monochrome background, I selected one of the image-type backgrounds.

Then the extra dock went away!

Great. Glad that worked. I suspected that you had inadvertently taken a screenshot and made it into the wallpaper for the phone.

Think so too
Seems it’s an iPad screenshot from the nr of apps and folders