My iPhone 7 home screen


The usual suspects on the dock. Spark has its quirks but I’m a fan of the snooze feature. For example I’m going to a concert in a month so I snoozed the email with the tickets until then.

Some of the less obvious ones:

Orangetheory to book classes at my gym.

Lightroom CC because I’m a photographer and I also teach it but I’m not a fan of how complicated Adobe has made their ecosystem (why does everything have to include the word Photoshop on every app!). The recent updates have made the apps a little better though.

Photo Folder with all the apps I test and use. Halide is in there waiting for me to take it for a spin. It looks very cool.

RBC for banking. I wish it wouldn’t turn off TouchID every month of so…for security? Oh banks…

YNAB to keep my finances under control. The yearly fee stings a bit but it totally opened my eyes to where I needed to take control (coffee and take out…oof!)

Everlance for tracking car kilometers. Works as advertised, it tracks my car trips automatically.

My home screen doesn’t change much because I use spotlight to open most other apps.