My iPhone order, what’s yours?

I’m placing an order for a new iPhone first thing tomorrow morning. Below is what I’m ordering.

If you are upgrading your phone what will you be getting?

My order:

  • IPhone 13" Pro Max
  • Gold
  • 512GB
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe - Midnight
  • Leather Wallet with MagSafe–Midnight

Blue 13 Pro Max. I haven’t decided on 1TB or 512gb yet and I’ll be getting the clear MagSafe case.

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This may not matter to you but the fine print says FindMy does not work on the clear case for the MagSafe Wallet.

**Requires iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe and iPhone 12 or later with Find My enabled in iOS 15. Not supported on iPhone 12 Clear Case with MagSafe.

iPhone 13 Pro Max
Sierra Blue
Leather Case with MagSafe - Midnight
MagSafe charger

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I am actually debating whether to buy a MagSafe battery pack or not.

The Max battery lasts a long time so I don’t need that but the wallet will be great.

It doesn’t but thanks you for looking out. I use an OhSnap device on the back of my case. It still allows for MagSafe charging but gives me a way to hold my phone like a Popsocket.

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A new case! On years I don’t buy a phone I get a new case with a different color so it feels like a new phone.

Same for watch so getting some new bands off Amazon.

Helps me avoid FOMO.


You’re smart for sure.

Not smart enough. Only works for every other year.


OK So I’ve got one reserved and will be doing the preorder tomorrow…
iPhone 13Pro

Going to go order the Otterbox Defender case now

PS Update, decided to go for the 512GB version instead.


His and hers cables from Amazon!!!

Christmas came early. I got a MBA. No, not hardly a Masters in Business.

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13 Pro/128/Silver (wife-blue)

Let me know what you decide. I’m leaning on 512gb (Pro Max) but I’m afraid to leave storage space on the table. I have a 2TB iPad, and I use a lot of that space. But I don’t use that much storage on my iPhone.

I’m going with the Sierra Blue. I really wish they would have kept the Pacific Blue.

I have pre-ordered:

IPhone 13 Pro
256 GB Storage

Haven’t decided on which case yet. Maybe the leather one this time.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Sierra Blue, 512GB. Thought about the 1TB but have not come close to using all the space on my current 512 GB phone. Still debating accessories.

I’ve “ordered” an:

  1. Apple Leather MagSafe Case (Color: Midnight)
  2. Apple Wallet (Color: Midnight)
  3. iPhone 13 Pro (not Max) - Graphite - 128 GB
  4. AppleCare with Loss/Theft

The first two have been actually fully ordered.

The last two are ‘pre-pre-ordered’ and ready to be finalized in the morning.¹

This will be for my son, replacing his 2 year-old iPhone 11 Pro, which will then go to my wife, replacing her 3-year-old iPhone XR.

He’s just started his first year of college, hence the Loss/Theft addition to AppleCare, which I haven’t done before, but just seemed like a good bit of extra insurance, given how vital his phone is to him (and to us, as our primary means of communicating with him).

Worst-case² scenario, my hope is that he would be able to get a replacement iPhone quickly, regardless of anything that happens to this one.

¹ And since this is Mac Power Users

  • At the end of the ordering process, Apple offered a calendar invitation (.ics) file to remind me about the event. I downloaded that file. When Hazel saw an .ics file in my Downloads folder, it automatically opened it in Fantastical.

  • The Calendar Event came with a special URL to pick-up where I left off. I put that into Keyboard Maestro and told Keyboard Maestro to open that URL in Safari at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow (US/Eastern/OneTrueTimeZone)

  • I have my iPhone alarm set for 7:51 a.m. because “Snooze” goes for 9 minutes, which means that the second time the alarm goes off, it will be 8:00 a.m.

  • I want to make sure that the delivery address is our son’s address at college, so I also have Keyboard Maestro putting up a giant reminder on the screen every minute starting at 7:59 a.m.:

which will hopefully help me to remember, because I am emphatically not a morning person (where ‘morning’ = ‘anytime before 11am’, TBH).

Since I’m paying for it on my Apple Card, I’m getting about 1/2 of the taxes back.

² not that kind of case…


I’m looking to go too end, 1TB, so that when I trade it in next year I’ll pay less for the top end. My math might now make sense but in my mind it works out. :joy:

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Sticking with my iPhone 8+ in the hopes that next year they will add touchID. It’s still in good condition having been replaced via AppleCare+ a year ago. (battery at 95%)

I might go for an iPad mini, but it also feels good to have devices now that actually still deliver value for money after 4 years of service. (in the case of my macs: 5 and 7 years)

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This morning I ordered the 13 Pro, 256GB in the blue. Went back and forth on the storage, but the way I use my phone, I historically have been well below 128 GB.
Will answer your followup question as well - Being a veteran of a smashed front, I always use the Otterbox Defender. To date this setup was so thick, could not use a wireless charger. Recently I got the Otterbox Wireless and it works great.