My mom has an Apple Watch and I want to be notified if something happens to her

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My mom has hypertension and wears an Apple Watch to help her with the monitoring of her blood pressure. I want to be notified in my iPhone if suddenly something happens to her related to her condition.

Is there a way to enable that? She also uses an iPhone.


The Apple Watch does not currently have the ability to monitor blood pressure. It can keep track of heart rate. As far as notifying someone, think that’s only possible through fall detection on the watch in which case emergency services one’s emergency contacts are notified.


Maybe this article helps you

You could also setup your Moms system, to get a notification if the fall detection, or she, is calling 911 with the Emergency Call function of the Watch or the iPhone.


Thanks, for clarifying that.

I’ll look deeper into those articles, thanks!

@Jvet , it’s worth making sure that your mom knows how to use Siri to either call you or emergency services as well.

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Thanks, do you have any links to documentation for that? I know how to use Siri for basic things, but I didn’t know it could be helpful for emergencies.

After all, just tell Siri “Hey Siri, Call 911”. (Seems to work also with “108”, “112”, “110”, “14”, “999” and maybe some more?)


You might also look into a panic button medical alert system; Medicare covers all or part in most Part D plans, and some insurance plans will help. My mom pays $26.00/month for a panic button system that a live medical person responds to, from the local hospital. You can have them automatically call three people, on most systems.