My mom seems to think my dad and her’s search history is synced between a Windows PC and her iPhone, help!

So let me do my best to explain this. According to my mom, when she opens up Safari on her phone or the Google app, it shows things that she’s searched but also things that my dad has searched as well. My mom sometimes needs to use his computer as she doesn’t have a laptop.

I first went into my mom’s iPhone and had her go into her Google account and see what devices she was signed into. She was signed into her iPhone, her iPad, and my dad’s PC. I had her sign out of her Google account on his PC remotely from her iPhone. Also to clarify my dad has a PC and uses Internet Explorer or Chrome as his main browsers.

What’s going on here? My mom also seems to think that he has access to my email as I must have signed in on his computer. I know I never have my password saved to a browser and have a long password thanks to 1Password. I’d imagine my first step along with my mom’s is to change our passwords. Any thoughts or insights appreciated.

Most likely they are using the same Apple ID across devices.

If they are logged into Google, the search history will be synced between devices using the same Google.

Try to look at when logged into to the accounts, there you can see the history Google collect.

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