My Office Desk Setup (MBP w/ Thunderbolt 3 dock)

I am pretty happy with my current setup at my office and wanted to share with you all!

I have a standing desk from Office Depot. I can’t remember the brand, but it’s been really solid and it was a great deal (we bought 8 for people on our team).

I also work remotely during the week (I don’t have to be at my office to work) so I wanted a desk setup that would allow me to plug in my laptop and get working but nothing would be mission-critical on my desk that I could not get work done from anywhere. Thanks to Thunderbolt 3, I can connect everything with one cable and get right to work.

  • LG Ultrawide monitor. I’ve had this for several years. It’s nothing too fancy but I LOVE the ultra-wide lifestyle. I was a dual monitor user for years but I don’t even think about that anymore with my ultra-wide monitor (I think its a 27’ model).
  • Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock. I got this dock in 2017 when I got my MacBook Pro 13’ (without Touch Bar). It’s a great dock and I have never had any issues.
  • Logitech MX Master mouse. I still have my original MX Master mouse. It’s the best Mouse I have ever used and I will keep using it until it dies (and then replace it with the USB C version).
  • Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. I have tendonitis and this keyboard has been such a great addition to my setup. It removes wrist strain and I can type on it for long periods of time without pain. Combined with Karibiner Elements app, I have the keys remapped to the correct Mac placement and it automatically changes when I connect to (and disconnect) from the dock.

I usually work with my laptop open on the stand, but I will work in clamshell mode when I need to get focused on a big project. I have all the cables run underneath the desk and everything stays nice and clean (at least the part I can see, haha).

If I am going to be working remotely for a few days away from the church (I am a Creative Director at a multi-site church) I will bring my keyboard and mouse with me. I’ve been really happy with this setup and I really do enjoy working on this setup. My 2017 MBP has been rock solid and I have not had any keyboard issues (knock on wood!).


Is the Sculpt keyboard Bluetooth or the one that needs a dongle? I ask because I want a that style keyboard to use with my iPad (ergonomic “swoop” with out keypad).

Mine has the USB dongle. Don’t think there is a Bluetooth version, but stand to be corrected.

Hey @Ted_Martin it does have a usb dongle. When i use it with my ipad I just plug in an adapter (either a usb c to usb a, or my OWC dock). I wish it was BT, but the dongle has always been rock solid

That’s what I have. Maybe the new Surface Sculpt might be BT? But as far as I know the standard Sculpt is just with the dongle

Thanks @jameseaton and @BradG! I believe the new surface sculpt is Bluetooth, but it has the number pad.