My office setup

I finally took some time to share my desk setup. I hope you enjoy this setup as much as I do. It has been fun for me to see so many home setups here. I use my iPad Pro to do most of my work at home. I often connect it to the Samsung display. I also have a Mac mini that I use for home items like managing the family photo library and other stuff. The mStand I bought recently when I started working more from home. I needed something to get the iPad more at eye height. It also helped with the viewing angle for the many Teams meetings I am in. I love the Logitech K811 keyboard that allows me to control the Mac mini and iPad with just the push of a button. I recently purchased a small clock for my desk.

Some other items that you may see are:
Drexel Heritage Cherry wood desk.
BlaCOG alarm clock from Amazon.
xyLED desk lamp
Logitech K811 keyboard
Apple Magic Trackpad


Good clean setup. That’s quite an old mini. Great view.

Yes it is pretty old. But with a SSD it works just fine. I love having the Mountain View outside my window. Much better than the work view.

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