My Old faithful Stickies

It is great to see stickies is relatively unscathed in Monterey.

Can I give a shout out to Stickies. It has been a faithful companion for more than a decade. However I have just noticed that it doesn’t sync via iCloud, so each computer has its separate stickies.

Surely this would be a fairly trivial fix ?


Stickies has probably kept me on track after a big lunch more than any other app.

I don’t honestly know if I’d want it to sync! I think that’s what Notes are for. For me, stickies, digital or physical, are relevant only to the physical screen I’ve left them on. But I can see the benefit to others.

Especially now that Quick Notes are available right down there :arrow_lower_right:


It may be for the best that no one at Apple touches it, haha


I replaced Stickies with Tot a couple of years ago. It’s free on Mac and I don’t care about syncing or anything, it’s just a desktop scratchpad for me. It’s a slightly nicer version of Stickies.