My Photo Stream is dead and help with workflow using Lightroom

For years I’ve use Aperture with my cameras and relied on My Photo Stream to get all pictures from my iPhone to Aperture on my iMac.

Sometime between the afternoon of September 22 and the afternoon of September 24 my iPhone stopped putting its pictures in My Photo Stream. As far as I know nothing changed. I haven’t upgraded to iOS 13. No settings of the iPhone got changed. If anyone still has My Photo Stream working with iOS 12 I’d like to hear!

Anyway, that just presses me to find some solution to the problem of automating getting iPhone pictures into a folder for Lightroom, since I will be forced to drop Aperture with Catalina. How do people do this? I can’t think of a way other than manually using Image Capture and a cable.

Nope. I even followed the instructions on the Apple site to turn My Photo Stream off and then on again (which deletes all photos in the My Photo Stream. When I take new photos, they don’t appear in My Photo Stream, it stays empty.

But, anyway I just checked again and the photos after September 22 have all appeared, they weren’t there this morning. So whatever issue Apple seemed to have had, they have fixed it.

However I still am looking for an automated way to get them in a folder on my Mac for Lightroom.

Until recently you could do this with Google Photos & Google Drive, but they removed the feature. The only other possible “automatic” solution I can think of is Dropbox.

Are you sure? I know people have been having some support issues with it, but didn’t think it was actually removed as a feature. At any rate, I couldn’t find anything saying it was removed, though I found discussions about how to get it working.

That’s how I read their announcement. You can still automatically upload from IOS but Google Photos no longer appear on Google Drive so backup & sync can’t download them.

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It’s late and I’m probably missing something but have you looked at PhotoSync? I do that all the time, have it set so when I return to my house all pictures are automatically uploaded tomy Mac, ready for import to LightRoom

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Do you have a synology disk station? If so, there’s automatic syncing options with their photo app on iOS.

Not late at all. This looks like just what I need. Totally avoids any “cloud” as well. Thanks!

I’m using Lightroom Classic. Nothing installed on my iPhone. I haven’t looked at their cloud service which is somewhat limited on my plan. But since I am paying some cloud storage and can install the software, I’ll have a quick looksee.

I use Lightroom Classic as well and the Photosynch workflow is:

Automatically set up to dump iPhone photos into a specific folder whenever I reach my home wifi
once a month I run Lightroom and import those photos, moving, renaming and applying standard keywords based on presets.
I delete the photos off my phone periodically, usually once a quarter.
Step 3 is where I am often behind Finish keywording and cataloging last months photos. :slightly_frowning_face:

So I’ve now looked at Lightroom on iOS + Adobe Cloud + Lightroom (let’s call that “A”), Photos on iOS + iCloud (My Photo Stream) + Photos on the Mac (call “B”), and Photosync (call “C”).

Both A and B perform similarly, with iPhone photos automatically going to the respective cloud and then into the Mac inside packages ( “Lightroom Library.lrlibrary” or “Photos Library.photoslibrary”) where they are in a folder hierarchy sorting by date.I can then use Hazel to move the poctires to the final destination on my server. I found it interesting that Lightroom is to Lightroom Classic as Photos is to Aperture, namely a stripped down program. I’d never want to do any processing in either of these cloudy programs.

Now C is a totally different approach. No cloud is used, the files are transferred directly into a folder structure of choice. What I don’t like about it is the subscription model. Yes it is inexpensive, but I believe that subscriptions are only appropriate when there is a continuing service provided. This is also why I’ve put off Photoshop so long since I don’t really want their cloud service. But it is somewhat attractive to go with choice A just because I’m paying for the Adobe Cloud!

If I remember correctly with Lightroom classic you can choose a folder outside the library for the photos synced from iOS. So you don’t have to mess inside the package.

If you are already paying for a subscription for Lightroom there is no real difference between A and C other than you might not need Adobe Cloud at all.

I just realized that the Photography plan subscription, which is what I use because I do occasionally need Photoshop, actually does include some cloud picture space. I’ve never even experimented with Adobe Cloud services. In any case it’s only 20GB. I’ve got over 500GB of pictures now and it’s going up fast as I work on my huge digitization project.

Dollars to donuts he’s using an old non-subscription purchase.

Ah, yes, I see! But I would be importing into Lightroom Classic from inside the package of either Photos or Lightroom (non-Classic). Lightroom Classic is unable to access either My Photo Stream or Adobe’s cloud.

Actually, no. It’s the $10/month subscription which includes Photoshop and the small amount of cloud. I did own a non-subscription Photoshop, but it won’t run under Catalina. The Adobe Cloud is big enough to do the transfers, just not long term storage, for which I’d never consider using it. Solution C is about $6/year which is a trivial amount (although death by a thousand cuts may be on the horizon!) but saves a step over solution A or B.

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Given your history of long-lived older purchased apps I’m heartened to see you went for Creative Cloud!

FYI if you don’t use Photoshop, then for the same $9.99/month price you can get Lightroom Classic by itself, with 1Tb Adobe storage. For some people it might be a good tradeoff…

While most of the time I was able to do just fine with Aperture (or Lightroom now), there are times I need features of Photoshop, so I went with the package with Photoshop.

You are right I seldom “must have” the latest versions of anything! Firm believer of “if it works, don’t fix it.”

LR Classic can too, but with a bit of more work (afaik - I’m only 3 week out of the Adobe bandwagon but I seldom used the cloud features anyway so I know very little): you have to sync collections (and it didn’t work with smart collections, but only with “manual” ones). It works back and forth (synced collections form LR Classic show up in LR and LR iOS).

The pain, for me, was that importing from iOS does not apply folder structure you can preset with LR Classic importer: I use to rename the files and put them in a folder structure separated by day of shoot: LR is able to do that automatically only if you import from a card (or folder) on the desktop (and you can set an arbitrary set of collections in which you might want to put your images): it was very handy :smiley:

All right, I found the “trick” to get it to sync. Wasn’t obvious. Anyway it now syncs to folders outside of a package. And it is a folder hierarchy by year and month as I wanted.

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