My Podcast Started Doing Helium Today 😳


Turned on Focus, (of COURSE I listen to MacSparky), and they sound like chipmunks! YIKS. Using Apple’s Podcast App, so as far as I know, ya can’t speed it up. Checked other podcast too, same results. Any ideas? :thinking:

Rebooted the iPhone. Same thing.


bottom left hand corner of the player, change the speed to 1X.


I will be a son-of-a-gun. I didn’t realize that was there! Thanks! They sound normal again. :tada::tada::tada:


no problem! glad to help. :wink:


If you want to play the podcast faster without this happening, I recommend Overcast!


Other apps don’t have the same features?


I listen to all my podcasts at 1.5X Give it a chance, you’ll like it.


In Pocket Casts I listen to podcasts at 1.3x and with pauses deleted with older hosts and those for whom English is not the first language (like Stacktrace) because they speak more slowly. Everyone else is 1.2x tops.

It all adds up.