My Podcasting Workflow (also looking for suggestions)

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new podcast, and would like to explain my workflow. Since I’m new to this, I’m also looking for suggestions or better ways to do it :slight_smile:.





I’m using a new Host called RedCircle. They give full control and ownership of content to the creators (unlike some other hosts like Anchor). They are also completely free! They make their money through other tools they make for podcasters like tipping and cross podcast promotion.

Have any recommendations is there anything I could/should be doing better? Something I’m particularly interested in is making the audio quality and loudness as good as it can be.

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I was satisfied with Blubrry for hosting. This is a it worked for me comment.

As you explore software look at Hindenburg Journalist Pro… A company based in Denmark, I believe. They have over forty video tutorials on YouTube.

From capture to publication it does it all… expensive is the main drawback. If I were to do another podcast this would be my first choice.

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Thanks! I’ll look at them :slight_smile:

Another possibility

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Tip: Once you find a nice setting in GarageBand for your voice (EQ, compression, etc.) save it as a channel preset. I do it for my voice when I used to edit my audio for sermons. Gets you a lot of the way there.


FYI Apple Stores around the USA are beginning to offer Garageband-based classes on podcasting.


Thanks! That’s a great tip.

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Nice! I knew they did classes, but I didn’t know they did something so specific. I’ll look into attending one.

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