My Simple Home Workspace


This is a work in progress…

  • Mid 2014 MBP 15"
  • Dell 4K 24" P2415Q monitor (great recommendation, @katiefloyd)
  • Magic Keyboard & Trackpad
  • ScanSnap iX100
  • Seagate 1TB USB 3.0 drive for Time Machine backups
  • Simple black table from Amazon
  • Amazon Basics office chair

Logitech K750 keyboard and MX Master mouse on order for connection to the monitor with the unifying receiver, so my wife and I can each connect our Macs, and I can connect my work PC as needed and share the same peripherals.



Updated with:

The unifying receiver is plugged into the monitor as planned and it switches almost seamlessly between our MacBooks and a PC. The only hang-up is after the PC is connected and switching back to a Mac, you have to power off the switch on the keyboard briefly to get the Mac to recognize the extended keys (brightness, mission control, volume, etc). Other than that, it works great - the MacBook is even at a low enough level that I can reach the trackpad for gestures for navigation, switching workspaces, etc.

Just added that laptop stand to my wishlist, thanks! We are moving shortly and I can’t wait to set up my office! I have same monitor too, thanks to Katie’s recommendation, love it.

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Apologies if I am missing it - but what unifying receiver are you using?

Still have a PC at work, despite primarily using my Mac, so very interested in this as a possible solution.

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Great question, here’s a picture of it. It comes with most wireless Logitech devices, but you only need one. You can pair it with up to six devices using Logitech’s Unifying Software.

I have this one plugged into one of the USB ports on the back of the monitor so it’s hidden and can be used by any laptop that plugs into the USB hub on the monitor.

It’s a super reliable technology. I’m not sure I’ve ever had an issue with connectivity and I’ve used several Logitech mice and keyboards on Mac and PC for years. The keyboard traffic to the receiver is encrypted too.

Thanks - I had missed all of that i.r.o. Logi’s keyboards/mice.

A quick google suggests Microsoft does not have something similar, which is a great pity, since I am a huge fan of their Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard.
Unfortunately, Logi (with the exception of their K350) doesn’t really offer anything similar, which suggests the only workaround for me, would be to physically move the MS USB receiver from the Mac, to the PC, each time I want to swap between the two… Probably not the end of world.

Regardless, enjoy your setup!