My solution for blocking ads in Apple News and Mobile Games

Advertising with the Apple News app always frustrated me. However, what was worse is ads in mobile games.

Sadly content blockers only work within Safari. I use NextDNS to block ads throughout iOS. Its been incredible. Articles are distraction free and I am finally getting use out of Apple News+

I wrote about it here:

NextDNS as a service has really impressed me.


Another happy NextDNS user here. I have been beta testing their service and subscribed to the Pro plan ($19.90/year) on day 1.

On your blog I read that you use the App (I do too), but they also have an Apple Configuration Profile generator. Those profiles can be installed on iOS (14+), macOS (11+), or tvOS (14+), without the need for an App (to use their service).

Personally I have installed their CLI on my router at home and use their mobile Apps (could be the profiles) on the road.

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I see that nextdns has an app? What does that do?

Having a quick read, the benefit to this over Pi Hole is that it works outside the house?

Does it also block the ads in the middle of an article on Apple News, such as the one below?

I imagine it’s finally tracked my change in circumstances as I’m getting adverts for life insurance now that I’m a parent, rather than adverts for GPS trackers, because I was spending far to much time looking at Garmin devices!

Answers to both - YES

  • works everywhere
  • blocks ads in articles in Apple news

Might give it a go then, as the free version should be able to give me a good trial. Pi Hole doesn’t block the Apple News ads which is annoying but at least in general it works elsewhere. I don’t tend to play many games but I can’t recall seeing ads in ones I have played recently so it perhaps works nicely on that.

Only concern I could potentially see is whether it’ll work on my work wifi, as that can be reasonably locked down for various items, but I guess that’s the benefit of a free tier is that I can try before I buy!

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Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to try it out. I was thinking about doing pi-hole and never got around to it. I like the idea that this is flexible for outside my network as well

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Any recommendations for DNS benchmark apps on MacOS or iOS?